Jangseong County (Jangseong-gun) is a county in South Jeolla Province, South Korea. Jangseong is in the southern region of the Korean peninsula and Gwangju and Naju is the nearest city from Jangseong. In South Jeolla, it near the northern border of its province, meeting North Jeolla.


Founded during the reign of King Mu of the Baekje Dynasty (632), Baekyangsa Temple is located within Naejangsan National Park. The combination of the mountain and valleys on both sides creates beautiful scenery. Nature reveals its beauty throughout all seasons here especially the red maple leaves during the fall. Daeungjeon, Geukrakbojeon and Sacheonwangmun have been designated as cultural assets. Pass the wood path of lined-up white oaks and maple trees, through the entrance of Baekyangsa Temple, and you will first spot Ssanggyeru. You will appreciate the breathtaking view of Ssangyeru shimmering in the pond.

1239, Baegyang-ro, Bukha-myeon, Jangseong-gun, Jeollanam-do

+82 (61) 392 7502

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